What we do

Huis Jabes is a place of safety and recovery for abused women and children
We provide a temporary safe haven to women and children from higher social income groups in the northern suburbs of Cape Town who have fallen victim to domestic abuse and violence. At Huis Jabes, we believe there is life after abuse and empower the women that cross our threshold to break the cycle of abuse and to embrace the full life they deserve. We have helped over 400 women and children secure a better future for themselves through a process of rehabilitation.


We base what we do on the principles of the Christian faith
We aim to empower women to reach their full potential as instruments of God. Our rehabilitation programme includes the following steps:

  1. We make contact with the victim and collect background information to establish if the victim is serious about changing her circumstances.
  2. Our social worker interviews the victim to determine if she meets the qualifying criteria.
  3. We provide the victim and her children with a safe haven and basic essentials for a period of three to five months.
  4. We do a needs analysis and, based on this, give victims medical, psychological and spiritual care, as well as social and legal advice.
  5. We teach life skills and give career guidance to help the process of re-entering the world.