Who we are

Huis Jabes is a sanctuary for abused victims
Take a moment to consider the women around you: your colleagues, your family members, the women waiting in line with you at the supermarket. Fact is, one out of every four of these women is exposed to domestic abuse. Whether it’s physical, financial or emotional abuse, these women consequently have no sense of self-worth or hope for the future. Because they come from a middle to high income family, fear of exposure and ignorance often prevent these women from seeking help. Where can they go?

We are a non-profit shelter for abused women and children situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town
We are passionate about providing a safe haven for abused women and children, where they can recover and be rehabilitated. Adri Klindt founded the project in 2008 when she became aware of an abusive situation and wanted to make a practical difference.

Huis Jabes is a beneficiary of the SOS Trust
The SOS Trust is a community-based charitable trust. The objective of the Trust is to influence the quality of life and the well-being of their beneficiaries in a positive and sustainable way. Huis Jabes is registered as a non-profit organisation under Article 18(A) and relies on funding from the SOS Trust. In addition to Adri’s involvement, the two other trustees of the SOS Trust, Riaan de Lange and Francois Laurence, supply strategic and legal aid for Huis Jabes.