Thank you for your support to Huis Jabes. Your financial contribution is an essential part of the sustainability of Huis Jabes – continuing to be a light and safeplace for abused women and children. 

1. Monthly Donation

Please select the amount that you are willing to commit to on a monthly basis. This is a great way to allow all to support Huis Jabes – even if it is R100 per month.

R 100  R 200  R 500  Own Amount

2. Once-Off Donation

By selecting the amount below, you will be taken to an electronic EFT solution to process the once-off donations

R 100  R 200 R 500  Own Amount 


3. Zapper    Zapper logo

a) Zapper Once-off donations is easy. To donate using this application follow the steps below:

  1. Download Zapper off your cellphones app store
  2. Register for Zapper using the provided directions per the downloaded app
  3. Once fully registered, select the scan and pay option
  4. Scan the bar code shown below
  5. Indicate the amount you would like to donate
  6. You will receive a notification once the transaction has taken place

Zapper code only

b) Zapper monthly contributions can also be made by selecting the monthly option on the payment screen (Monthly payments work on a standard 12 month cycle and are debited from your account on the 1st of every month. After the 12 month cycle is finished, the contributions immediately stop and you would have to once again do the above process from step 3).

4. Do an EFT

Our bank details are as follows:
SOS Trust
ABSA cheque account number: 4070981810
Branch code: 632005
Our NPO number is: 063-721

Please send us proof of payment with your details to:

Thank you for contributing to our cause – we would love to keep in touch

Please provide us with your contact details so that we can include you to our quarterly updates and provide invitations to our special events.

We solely rely on donations to provide for the women and children in our care

Huis Jabes is a registered non-profit organisation under Article 18(A) and is managed by the SOS Trust. We solely rely on contributions from good-hearted individuals and businesses to continue supporting the women and children seeking refuge from abuse. Because we are a registered NPO, all donations are tax deductible.


Where does your money go to?

a) Monthly operational expenses
This includes the rent for the house, everything for the daily needs of the women and children (for example food and toiletries) and the services that professionals provide during the rehabilitation and empowerment process.

b) Purchasing a safe house to ensure that Huis Jabes will be able to offer a safe haven for abused women and children for years to come.

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